Garfield County Recycling

Garfield County offers a recycling drop-off collection site for county residents. There are three bins: one for newspaper and metal cans, one for plastic, and one for cardboard. The recycling bins are located at 20th & Pataha St., next to the Garfield County Road Department yard.

Your care in sorting recyclable items brought to the site makes a big difference. Garfield County receives a return on recycled items which helps fund the program. Dirty loads cost our county dollars! If you are unsure if an item is acceptable, please call 509-843-3710.


  • Aluminum and Tin Cans:   Aluminum, tin and metal cans 1 gallon or less. Must be opened and content free. Remove loose tin lids and all labels.
  • Newspaper:  Newspaper, magazines, telephone directories, paperback books, catalogs, office paper, tin can labels, open discarded mail. Please place non-newsprint in brown paper bags. NO plastic bags!
  • Cardboard:  Corrugated boxes, paper bags, cereal and food boxes, beverage cases (no foil or plastic laminated materials),map and dispenser tubes. Box tape and staples are OK. Remove plastic liners and styrofoam. FLATTEN all boxes.
  • Plastics:  Plastic containers No. 1 - No. 7 only. All containers must be rinsed and empty, have lids removed and discarded, and have an opening or spout smaller than the bottom of the container. Labels may remain attached to plastic containers. NO plastic bags, plastic containers used to hold fruit, etc. (see note about shape of acceptable plastic containers), or those used to contain paint, thinners, automotive products, hydrocarbons, fuel, pesticides or herbicides.

Please make sure recyclables are inside the transfer bins. 

Thank you for recycling!


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