Funding the Museum

Building #1 itself cost approximately $200,000 to construct. The group began raising money and came up with $21,000 by salvaging steel, lumber and roofing from the old Jolly Green Giant pea cannery that was about to be removed, and through donations. Then, they approached the legislature and received $150,000 from the 2006 State Supplemental Capital Construction Budget, which was passed by the Legislature. Sen. Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville and Reps. David Buri and Don Cox, both R-Colfax, showed extreme efforts in acquiring these funds. Cox praised Pomeroy FFA Members for taking the time to express their interest in the museum, which increased the chances of receiving funding and made quite an impression on the chairman.

Cox said, “I received personal letters from about 30 students, all of whom expressed their wish to see the museum become a reality. And they weren’t form letters. These young people wrote very thoughtfully about their ancestors, their family roots in the farming community, and their desire to see that heritage preserved for themselves and future generations. And in every case, the youngsters’ letters conveyed community pride and hope for the future of Pomeroy.”

According to Cox, the chair of the House Capital Budget Committee read each letter. Building #2 was funded by grants and donation.


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