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Elmor Trescott's 1913 Mail Buggy

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4 Hoof Drive

This horse drawn mailrig, which belonged to Elmor “Skinny” Trescott, of Pomeroy, Washington, had interchangeable wheels and runners.It could be pulled by one or two horses. A sheepherders stove provided warmth in winter. Opening the front window and canvas doors provided summer air-conditioning. The buggy seat lifted up to reveal a hidden place for valuables.

In 1913, Elmor was looking for a temporary job when he started carrying mail on Rt. 1 at the age of 16 for the grand sum of $21.00 a month. After his service in World War I he took over Rt. 3 from his father, which at that time was 32 miles long and served 120 families. It was all dirt roads and sometimes in winter took three days to get around to all the patrons. In 1921 he bought his first car, reserving the horsedrawn mailrig for winter time.

When he retired in 1957, Elmor, including his military service, had served Uncle Sam for 44 years. His brother Lester Trescott carried mail for 43 years retiring in 1964.

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